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Club Badges

Did you know that I design all of our club badges, sometimes with the help of Sabomnim Rebekah. After having them manufactured I sew them on new uniforms myself.

Every badge I use has some level of meaning to it that relates to Hapkido, like the eagle on our large back badge, the colours or the jagged line of our KMAAoB badge, the tiger badge, and our flags badge.

Having to wear a dobok to practice at Hapkido Brisbane is to show that we are all part of the same group, and we are there for the purpose of learning and practicing Hapkido. I apply the badges to plain doboks to give a sense of pride and belonging to our club and association.

I have already designed our next new badge but you have to wait until it's required before you see what it's like

Click here to purchase our badges online.

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