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  • What do I wear to a free trial?
    Gym gear or loose fitting clothing is the best option to wear to a free trial. You can wear martial arts shoes if you own them. Most students train in bare feet.
  • Do I need to be fit to join Hapkido?
    The program at Hapkido Brisbane is designed to help you get in shape, give you motivation to stay in shape, and give you tools to maintain your shape. Hapkido is self paced to allows students to work at their own fitness levels. As long as you’re healthy and ready to begin an exercise program, we can work with you. Warm up exercises before each class emphasize core strength, flexibility, endurance and students can easily do these exercises on their own.
  • What equipment do I need to begin training?
    You don't need any equipment to start at Hapkido Brisbane. You can wear normal gym clothes and bare feet for a free trial. When you decide you want to join Hapkido long term its best to buy a uniform also known as a dobok. All other equipment is provided by the club for use during class.
  • Which class should I attend?
    Hapkido Brisbane accepts students from 4 years old. Its best for students between 6 - 11 years old to participate in family class. We encourage parents to join with their children as its a fun activity for the whole family. Students who are 12+ are encouraged to join our Adult's classes. If your not sure, please come along to a free trial and we can help you choose the right class for you.
  • Do I have to spar?
    Hapkido is a self defence and not a sport so we don't have much sparring. This means that our techniques are not restricted by sparring rules. We teach our techniques in a fun and safe way. We still have competitions. We compete by showing our technical skill in demonstrations as groups and pairs.

Frequently asked questions

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