Our Covid Safe Plan

Last updated: 2nd August 2020

Below is our Covid Safe plan for Hapkido at the Finnish Hall.

  • If unwell, stay home

  • Adults class only

  • No free trials Free Trial suspended due to COVID-19 Restrictions

  • No mats

  • Contactless payments (Preferred only)

  • Use of training equipment (kicking paddles, Kicking bags, weapons)

    • Wipe down with disinfectant before and after use.

    • Use hand sanitiser between change of holders

    • Opt out option available to all​

  • Masks allowed but not compulsory

  • Gloves allowed but not compulsory

  • Footwear strongly encouraged 

    • MA shoes, some smooth soled sandshoes allowed

  • Contact training for members of same family.

  • Use hand sanitiser regularly

  • Kumdo practice allowed

  • Hand sanitiser station/s

  • No drinks table, please place your water bottle at least 1.5 metres from the next.

  • Separate entry/exit door if numbers deem it necessary

  • Some kid's ok in adults class with parents, older siblings

  • Covid Safe App

  • Social distancing

    • 1.5 metres apart

  • Hall will be cleaned at the start and end of the night.

    • Sanitise toilets, taps, door handles, light switches etc. 

Subject to change as required.

Updates will be communicated as soon as they happen.


Tel: 0421-633-233    Email: hapkidobrisbane@gmail.com

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